Video Lightscribe Tutorial

Hello everybody.

So that you can better understand how to create an image, burn it to the CD and then use it with a duplicator we have done this video tutorial for you. Hope you’ll find it usefull.

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Tutorial: How LightScribe works

Hello everyone,

Because lots of you have asked us how Lightscribe works we have decided to give you a little tutorial. Hope you’ll find it useful.


How Lightscribe CD DVD Duplicator Works

1. Burn the image label you created from the saved file on your computer onto a disc (Label image creator software is included)

2. Place that disc into the reader drive of the Lightscribe duplicator

3. Load LightScribe capable discs with the label side down in all of the writer drives

4. Using the menu on the duplicator’s LCD, choose and execute the “Print” function

5. Burn your LightScribe label directly onto the discs in all the writer drives at the same time

6. Remember, the same drive that burns your label burns your data, too.

Benefits of LightScribe Duplicator

1. Laser-etch custom designs with your photos, text, and artwork- directly onto your disc

2. Copy data, audio or video files onto the data side of recordable CD’s or DVD’s, but also can print directly onto the label side of LightScribe capable CD’s and DVD’s

3. Process requires no ink, which eliminates all of the problems associated with conventional labeling such as smudging, cracking, and peeling

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Hard Disk Drives duplicators

Hy everyone,

In the spirit of Christmas, we want to introduce a product not so known on the European market, but very used by companies in US and Asia, the Hard Disk Drive Duplicator , available for Sata and Ide, with 1, 3 or 5 copy targets. Check out this link.

Happy Holidays everyone, Team

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How to install an USB Interface

Hello everyone,

So, you got yourself a duplicator, but now you want to access at least a drive from your computer. Or someone bought it from you, and didn’t know about your real needs. In any case, you have the USB interface card, the dvd duplicator and don’t know how to install it and what to plug where .. No worries, here is how you should do it, in simple steps :

1. Open the duplicator’s case.
2. Disconnect the data cable from the drive you want to be recognized by your PC (either SATA or IDE). We usually use the bottom drive.
3. Connect the cable to the USB card in the port labeled as “Controller
4. Connect another cable to the USB card port labeled as “Device
5. The other side of the cable, connect it to the bottom drive (or the drive you disconnected at step 2.)
6. Connect a small power adapter (usually comes embedded in the duplicator’s power source cables) to the USB Card’s power slot (there is only one, you can’t miss it)
7. The last part is the 2-wire 2-pins cable (red and black) . This one should be connected on the dvd duplicator’s controller. For the right connection, contact our tech support team on the contact details you’ll find below, and ask them about USB card pins connection, because the pins are connected in different locations, depending on the controller model

About the hardware part, this is it. Now it comes the software hustle .

1. After your dvd duplicator boots, press and hold the ESC key for more than 3 seconds, and the Advanced Settings Menu will appear on the display.
2. Scroll down using the arrow keys to the “USB Option” part of the menu, and confirm by pressing ENT. Switch this option to ON and exit. Your duplicator will reboot. This is a one time step, to have it enabled from now on.
3. Now you have another menu option, usually the 12th , called USB Option. Navigate to it using the arrow keys, enter by pressing ENT and switch it to ON. It will reboot your dvd duplicator.
4. Connect your duplicator through the USB cable to your computer (if you didn’t yet) , the MS Windows system will recognize your drive as an internal drive , and you can burn from any burning software as it’s any internal drive.

That’s it, it’s not hard to do, but it needs a bit of attention.

Feel free to contact us at any time :

Or, simply go to the company’s website : , and go to LiveZilla support application, where we offer support during the working hours.

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How to use your USB interface

Hy guys,

There are a lot of clients that are encountering problems using the USB interface of the duplicator, so I thought, guess what … exactly, another tutorial :)

So here are the simple way of using the USB 2.0 interface of your duplicator :

1.From the duplicator’s main menu, you should press and hold for about 3 seconds the ESC key , and the advanced menu will appear on the screen .

Normally, this menu is hidden, because people who are not IT related, would damage a lot of functions if they don’t know what they change in this menu. But to enable the USB interface, you will have to go here . So, navigate to the menu called “USB Option” and set it to ON or Enabled (different, depending on your controller card version) . Then press Esc again, and the duplicator will require a reboot .

Basically, by this step you enabled the USB Menu in your duplicator’s main menu.

2.Now navigate to the last menu which now is not Setup anymore, is USB Option .

Here, press ENT, and the duplicator will ask you if you want to switch it to ON . Press the arrow keys, until you see YES , then confirm by ENT , and WAIT for the duplicator’s reboot . WARNING !! DO NOT REBOOT IT MANUALLY , have a little patience, it will reboot and your duplicator’s bottom drive will be recognized by your OS as an internal drive, if you connect the tower to the PC with the USB cable you received with the duplicator .

Feel free to contact us at any time :

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NEW Discmaster DVD Printing and Burning

Hello everyone,

We are honored to announce our own CD and DVD printer and publishers . These machines are so amazing that can print and also burn a dvd , all with the same machine, computer-controlled. So basically you have the comfort of control from your desk, just click Burn, add the data to the compilation, click “Burn” again and voila. Then simply add your picture or design, and click “Print“.

What makes ours better than the competitor’s machines, is the better.. everything. Higher disc capacity, two independent rails for print head and disc picker instead of just one for both, so the load / unload time is 50% faster, and then it comes the printing throughout , also affected by the two rails, which increases to 50-70 discs per hour instead of around 40 for other products.

Also, we filled it with goodies, to make it feel like a regular printer, like for example the Job Status Monitoring. And to make it an outstanding offer, you’ll receive it with the Kiosk mode for free, which increases the capacity to 100 discs, and at a special price.

The Systor DiscMaster series is composed by one printer , 2 publishers with 1 burner or 2 burners , and also 1 Blu-Ray publishers, in the same category, with 12 Blu Ray burners.

Limited offer, check it out now at

isystor_2093_4463 isystor_2093_166893

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Systor VS Primera Duplicator

Today we tested a Primera tower compared to our 14-target duplicator, mainly because the controller inside is basically the same . Both were set on same burning speed, same settings for everything….

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Blu Ray duplicator tower 10 targets test with menu navigation

As promised, the first Blu Ray 1- target tower in tests. We also included the menu navigation.

Enjoy the movie.

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SD card duplicator: First test with menu navigation

First test of an SD card duplicator, we also included a section with menu navigation. Enjoy it:

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What's next on the testing pad

Hello everybody,

For the next tests, we decided to surprise you more with video-tests for products that you don’t find everywhere on the almighty world wide web. So, the next contestants will be the SD cards duplicator, followed up by a Big Blue (Blu-Ray discs duplicator) then probably one who will be used by a large amount of companies that uses memory sticks, you guessed, the USB stick duplicator (speaking of, it’s available from 1-11 to 1-118 targets , check this link out for more info ).

Stay tuned , we’ll be right back with more usefull stuff , like the duplication and printing service in a lot of details.

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