Hello everybody,

This is a tutorial about how to create a LightScribe Image good to use with a LightScribe duplicator.

I. Requirements:

To create a LightScribe image compatible with a LightScribe duplicator, you need:

1. A computer running Windows XP (It’s possible also on Mac or Linux, but the software delivered with the duplicator is compatible with Microsoft © Windows) plus a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive.
2. For Windows XP , you’ll also need the LightScribe Host Software (you can get it from HERE). For Vista, you don’t need to install this additional software.
3. The LightScribe software CD that was delivered with your duplicator.

II. Step by step :

1. First, if you have Windows XP, you will have to install the file at the 2nd point in the requirements section. Then install the LightScribe Template Labeler that was delivered with your duplicator.
2. Open the LightScribe Template Labeler, design your label and save it as an *.LSI file (example: lightscribe.lsi) .
3. Burn the LSI file you just created to a CD or DVD as any other usual data file.
4. Fill your duplicator with LightScribe blank media with the printing side facing down.
5. Insert the disc into your duplicator’s source drive and chose the Print option. It will let you chose the image from the CD or DVD and you will be able to read the file name on the duplicator’s display. Confirm the selection and the duplicator will start to print the discs that you insert on step 4.

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