Hello everybody,

1. Turn on your duplicator (WARNING, if it’s the first time the duplicator recognizes the Hard Drive, it’ll ask you if you want to partition and format your hard drive, select the size of partitions according to your needs, if you want to burn DVD’S select DVD, CD for CD’s , and so on..)
2. Install the Image Manager software from the CD you received with your Smart USB option.
3. Go to Menu 12 (USB Mode) and chose YES if the message on the display is “USB Mode Switch to On?” then wait for duplicator rebooting.
4. VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t have Menu 12- USB Mode in your menu, press and hold for about 3 seconds the “esc” key on the duplicator controller, until the 13th menu appears, then navigate using the arrow keys to the 13th option in this menu, called “USB Option” and switch it to ON. After that, you may do what’s on step 3.
5. If you succeeded in step 2, you can open Image Manager and you’ll see all the hard drive partitions, and copy/delete images to/from them.
6. After that, if you want to burn the images now in your hard drive partitions, navigate to Menu 12 (USB Mode) and switch it to OFF, wait for rebooting and then navigate to Menu 8 (Select Source), where you can chose the hard Disk as a source drive for duplicating (listed as let’s say WD2500YS – if your hard drive is a 250 GB Sata Hard Disk).

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