Hello everyone,

Soon we will have a big surprise for everyone. We will have the first demo movie with the operation of a Daisy Chain system, which is absolutely impressive . A huge cluster-like system with more towers of 10 burners each, connected and operated by one master controller, which means you can get a master disc, load it in the hard drive, and then burn it at once to up to 100 discs. Can you imagine this ? Huge output capacity, of 600 discs per hour, FULL DVD !!!

Also, another surprise we prepared for you, and it will be launched most probably next week if there’s no problem to slow us down, it’s the User Forum which will help you stay in contact with our tech support for any kind of issues you might encounter, find out the latest news , get the newest updates for your products and many other things .

Please stay tuned to Produplicator.com blog to find out more.

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