Hello everyone,

We are honored to announce our own CD and DVD printer and publishers . These machines are so amazing that can print and also burn a dvd , all with the same machine, computer-controlled. So basically you have the comfort of control from your desk, just click Burn, add the data to the compilation, click “Burn” again and voila. Then simply add your picture or design, and click “Print“.

What makes ours better than the competitor’s machines, is the better.. everything. Higher disc capacity, two independent rails for print head and disc picker instead of just one for both, so the load / unload time is 50% faster, and then it comes the printing throughout , also affected by the two rails, which increases to 50-70 discs per hour instead of around 40 for other products.

Also, we filled it with goodies, to make it feel like a regular printer, like for example the Job Status Monitoring. And to make it an outstanding offer, you’ll receive it with the Kiosk mode for free, which increases the capacity to 100 discs, and at a special price.

The Systor DiscMaster series is composed by one printer , 2 publishers with 1 burner or 2 burners , and also 1 Blu-Ray publishers, in the same category, with 12 Blu Ray burners.

Limited offer, check it out now at https://www.produplicator.com/

isystor_2093_4463 isystor_2093_166893

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