Hy guys,

There are a lot of clients that are encountering problems using the USB interface of the duplicator, so I thought, guess what … exactly, another tutorial :)

So here are the simple way of using the USB 2.0 interface of your duplicator :

1.From the duplicator’s main menu, you should press and hold for about 3 seconds the ESC key , and the advanced menu will appear on the screen .

Normally, this menu is hidden, because people who are not IT related, would damage a lot of functions if they don’t know what they change in this menu. But to enable the USB interface, you will have to go here . So, navigate to the menu called “USB Option” and set it to ON or Enabled (different, depending on your controller card version) . Then press Esc again, and the duplicator will require a reboot .

Basically, by this step you enabled the USB Menu in your duplicator’s main menu.

2.Now navigate to the last menu which now is not Setup anymore, is USB Option .

Here, press ENT, and the duplicator will ask you if you want to switch it to ON . Press the arrow keys, until you see YES , then confirm by ENT , and WAIT for the duplicator’s reboot . WARNING !! DO NOT REBOOT IT MANUALLY , have a little patience, it will reboot and your duplicator’s bottom drive will be recognized by your OS as an internal drive, if you connect the tower to the PC with the USB cable you received with the duplicator .

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