How to install an USB Interface

Hello everyone,
So, you got yourself a duplicator, but now you want to access at least a drive from your computer. Or someone bought it from you, and didn’t know about your real needs. In any case, you have the USB interface card, the dvd duplicator and don’t know how to install it and what to [...]

Soon our first demo video

Hello everyone,
Soon we will have a big surprise for everyone. We will have the first demo movie with the operation of a Daisy Chain system, which is absolutely impressive . A huge cluster-like system with more towers of 10 burners each, connected and operated by one master controller, which means you can get a master [...]

Mini Autoloader real test

Hello everybody,
Well, we tested the Mini Autoloader CDs and DVDs duplicator, a pretty cool machine, and we want to share that with you. How to explain easyly how this machine operates? Put CD/DVD with master disc above, press on the Copy key, step away and enjoy.
Here it is:

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