Technical Support Resources

Find drivers, firmware, manual, patches and updates for your DVD/CD duplicators or Printers/Publishers.

How to Update Firmware:
Warning: It is NOT RECOMMENDED to update your
firmware, unless advise by our technical support!

Step 1:

Check the Firmware Code of your duplicator. A. Enter System Info under Utility or Setup Menu. (e.g. P307L or 2033A)

Step 2:

Download the corresponding firmware of your duplicator Target Firmware Code.

1 2022D 2022U 2022NU 2051 102

22030A P744 P743 P304L P504D 103

32030A 2053P P743 P744 P304L P504D 103

42030A P744 P304L P504D D07

52035A 2053P P727 P727L P307 P307L P727-C P727B-CD P507U D07

62035A 2055P P727 P727L P307 P307L P507U D07

72037P 2057 P727 P727L P307 P307L P727-C P727B-CD P507U D07

82037P P311 E11

92039A 2040P P311 P729 P729L

102040P P311 E11

112040P 2057 P762 P762L P760 P311 P511U E11

15P790 E115

Daisy ChainP762N

Step 3:

Unzip the folder and follow the README instructions on how to update your controller firmware.

NOTE: Never turn off or shutdown your Duplicator while update is in progress.

* Manuals:

- DVD CD Duplicator: Version I & Version II

- DVD CD LightScribe Duplicator

- DiscMaster 101P

- PrintMaster Plus

* Printer/Publisher Softwares:

- LightScribe Template Labeler [CD Key: LJQ5Q-QSXBY]

- DiscMaster 101P

- PrintMaster Plus:

+ Acoustica CD Label Editor

+ Discus LE Label Editor [CD Key: LSY-AAA-LEQ]